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Activities for All Ages

Virtual Programs

Prepared by Houston Audubon's education team

Silent Hunters - Discover the World of Owls

Objective: Students will learn about the variety of owls that live in Texas and the U.S., including their amazing adaptations and their role in the natural world.

General Information: Owls are birds of prey. At night, they occupy the hunting and feeding niches that the hawks hold by day. Superb, specialized predators, owls are adapted to find, catch, and kill prey quickly and efficiently. They have been doing it for ages - owl fossils found in the Midwest in rocks of the Eocene period date back about 60 million years!

Virtual Education Programs

Life in the Forest

This program focuses on trees. Elementary-aged students will learn about the different parts of a tree and how trees aide in the survival of animals. They will also get to meet some native Texas animals who rely on trees.

Hoot! Tweet! Chirp!

Objective: This program is geared toward the pre-K to 1st grade children. Its primary objective is to introduce kids to the basics of bird characteristics and why birds are important to us and our world.

General Information: Birds have many characteristics that are similar to other animals, but there is one feature that no other animal has, and that is feathers. We introduce this program through a fun song, followed by a short PowerPoint presentation, and ending with live educational birds.

Spring Fling and Sing

This program is about bird songs and is aimed toward seniors but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Reading with Raptors

Join Mary Anne, Dawn, and Skeeter our Mississippi Kite as they read the book The Truth About Hawks by Maxwell Eaton III. Learn some fun facts about these awesome raptors and meet Skeeter the Mississippi Kite

An Avian Adventure

Join the Houston Audubon education team as they take you on an avian adventure at Houston Audubon's Raptor and Education Center. Meet some of the birds that reside at the center and help teach about bird conservation. Learn what makes a bird a bird, why birds matter and how we can help them.


This program introduces elementary-aged students to the study of dendrochronology. Tree growth rings can tell us a lot of things. Learn how to read growth rings to see how old a tree is and what kind of weather events it endured.

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