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March Speaker Event

March 8: Purple Martins
with Matt Fendley

This event is free and open to the general public. 

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018
Time: Social at 7:00 PM and Presentation begins at 7:30 PM
Place: United Way Center, 50 Waugh

The behavior of Purple Martins has evolved gradually over time to give us the birds we know today. That will be just one of the topics covered by Matt Fendley during his presentation. He will also discuss identification of the distinct age/sex classes, migration data, attraction tips, housing standards, and best management practices.

Matt Fendley currently works for the University of Houston – Clear Lake, where he received his BS in Environmental Management. Mesmerized and obsessed by Purple Martins at a very young age, Matt has been hosting Purple Martins for decades at his home locations, as well as managing a satellite colony at UH-Clear Lake for the past 10 years, which belongs to the Environmental Institute of Houston (EIH).
He often volunteers to give Purple Martin presentations at EIH educational program and camps, to both local school kids and adults. He is a current member of the Purple Martin Conservation Association. Though an avid birder in general, his main focus has always been on Purple Martins.