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Bolivar Flats

Birding and Walks

Wilson's Plover
Wilson's Plover at Bolivar Flats

by Richard Gibbons

1st Saturday Bolivar Flats Beach Rambles

Walking on Bolivar Flats

Come explore Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary and see what the forces of nature have left for us on the beach and in the wrack lines with Conservation Specialist Wyatt Egelhoff. You’ll walk along the beach and out onto the flats discovering the diversity of life along the Gulf Coast. It's a perfect opportunity for a family day trip. Ride the Galveston ferry, see dolphins, birds, shellfish and learn about coastal ecosystems. This program is FREE, suitable for all ages and runs on the first Saturday of each month. We meet at 10:00 AM at the vehicular barrier. Take TX-87 to Rettilon Rd. Turn right at the beach and travel 3/4 mile. Hope to see you there!

Parking: Parking stickers are REQUIRED for all vehicles to park on Bolivar beaches. They can be purchased locally for $10.