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Cats Indoors!

Did you know that outdoor and stray cats pose a serious threat to our feathered friends? In the U.S. alone, they're estimated to kill around 4 billion birds each year! This not only harms fragile bird populations but also puts your beloved cat at risk, exposing them to dangers like traffic, predators, and illness.

That's why keeping your cat indoors is the safest and most responsible choice. It protects both birds and your feline companion, giving them a healthy and happy life within the comforts of home.

While some advocate for Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) as a solution, it's important to understand its limitations. While TNR helps manage existing stray populations, it doesn't prevent new ones from forming. Responsible cat ownership, including spaying/neutering and keeping cats indoors, plays a crucial role in stopping the cycle of abandonment and predation.

Here at Houston Audubon, we're passionate about protecting both cats and birds. We support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's position as noted in its June 2014 Issues Briefing and we endorse the efforts of Audubon leadership at the national level to work with scientific, conservation, and animal welfare communities to address this problem. Houston Audubon is also a member of the American Bird Conservancy and supports its CATS INDOORS! program

By keeping your cat indoors, you're not just protecting birds, you're showing your cat the love they deserve. Check out these resources to learn more. Let's make a difference together for cats and birds. Keep your cat indoors – for their sake and for the future of our feathered friends.