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Publishing Guidelines

These guidelines apply to The Naturalist, HAS Website and E-Newsletters.

The mission of the Houston Audubon Society is to "promote the conservation and appreciation of birds and wildlife habitat."

Our publications are a reflection of the Houston Audubon Society itself. They serve 3 purposes:

  1. Provide information about the activities of the organization such as field trips, events, programs, and meetings; its members, volunteers, and donors; its sanctuaries; birds and birding activities; as well as habitat/natural resource conservation/preservation.
  2. Provide an educational experience with informative articles about birds and their habitat and the conservation and preservation of their habitat.
  3. Provide information and organizational positions on complex and often complicated advocacy issues that impact both the mission and activities of the Houston Audubon Society.

Anyone can submit articles for publication without having to hold membership in the Houston Audubon Society. Articles should be relevant to our mission. Articles must be well-written, adhere to commonly accepted standards of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., and be supported with data, facts, and reference sources where appropriate. If an article concerns an advocacy issue or one of obvious controversy, it must conform to Houston Audubon 's existing policy regarding that advocacy issue. If the Board of Directors has not or will not take an official position on an issue for any reason including because it does not directly relate to Houston Audubon 's mission, then that advocacy issue may be published at the discretion of the Executive Director and with both the authors ' by-line and a disclaimer that the opinions do not represent the position of the Houston Audubon Society. Articles must approach any advocacy issue positively in an effort to coalesce rather than polarize, and must also present specific, well-defined solutions rather than a list of grievances.

The Executive Director of the Houston Audubon Society has final authority to approve or reject an article.

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