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Houston Audubon, founded in 1969, is a nonprofit, accredited land trust organization committed to enhancing life on the Upper Texas Coast for birds and people. It is dedicated to advancing the conservation of birds and positively impacting their environments through habitat conservation, environmental education, and conservation advocacy. Houston Audubon owns and manages 17 sanctuaries in five counties totaling over 4,100 acres, which includes the well-known High Island and Bolivar Flats sanctuaries. It delivers hundreds of nature-based program experiences for children and adults every year.

Operations Manager

Hours per Week: 40
Workplace: Houston Audubon headquarters in West Houston
Reports to: Executive Director

Houston Audubon is seeking a full-time, systems-minded Operations Manager to oversee day-to-day operations of the organization and provide strategic logistics and operational support across departments. Houston Audubon offers competitive compensation and benefits, including 401K plan matching for eligible employees, health, dental and disability insurance, flexible work schedules, and a mission-driven team environment.

Position Summary: The Operations Manager will be responsible for administrative operations, building and facility maintenance, risk management and insurance, procurement and contracts administration, and visitor and program services coordination and support. The successful candidate will supervise the Operations Administrator and work closely with the Executive Director, department directors and Controller to develop and implement systems that increase the quality and efficiency of our work, supporting our ability to grow.

Primary duties, as well as desired qualifications, skills, and experience, are in the PDF.

Conservation Specialist (Sanctuary Management)

Position Classification: Full-time (40 hours/week)
Reports to: Land Director Director

Position Overview: Full-time position with an internationally recognized conservation organization. Working closely with the Land Director, the Conservation Specialist will guide and provide for the day-to-day management of Houston Audubon sanctuaries on the Upper Texas Coast. The successful candidate will be responsible for the assistance, coordination, and execution of various projects, including native habitat restoration, exotic and invasive species control, infrastructure maintenance, bird and vegetation monitoring, interpretation/education related to visitor services, and volunteer and technician training and oversight. This position is predominantly focused on Houston Audubon’s coastal sanctuaries located on the Bolivar Peninsula and High Island. Occasional work and travel to other Houston Audubon sanctuaries will be required.

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Thank you for your interest in advancing the conservation of birds and positively impacting their supporting environments. We look forward to meeting you!