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Purple Martins in Houston

Purple Martin Watch Events 2019

Upcoming Date: Sunday, September 22, 2019

Our watch events were held in front of the Old Navy at the Fountains in Stafford. Address: 12634 Fountain Lake Circle, Stafford TX 77477. 

Photos from 2019 events

August 24 report: Our last Martin Migration Madness event was a huge success! Over a hundred folks came out to Stafford along with some 4 legged friends to watch the hundreds of thousands of martins coming into the roost. We had a couple of Cooper’s Hawks also make a pass. The martins put on an amazing show and the kids who were watching referred to their movements as something like a Birdnado! Check out the videos in the album. 

September 22 report:  The Purple Martins did not disappoint at the watch party last night! And a beautiful purple sunset served as the backdrop. 

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Peak numbers for Purple Martins occur in July and August when Purple Martins form large flocks and roost together in great numbers in preparation to migration. Some roosts may have thousands of birds. When the birds arrive to roost in the evening, it can be an amazing spectacle with the sky literally black with martins! If you know of a large roost, please contact us at We have prepared an informational flyer about communal roosts, suitable for display. Join us in helping to protect Purple Martins!

Traditional Locations of Large Martin Roosts

Radar Sightings

Purple Martin flight patterns are sometimes visible on weather surveillance radar. The patterns can resemble rings which are particularly dense as they disperse to forage in the early morning.

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