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Policies for Houston Audubon Sanctuaries

All Houston Audubon sanctuaries are private property, owned and managed by Houston Audubon. Please consider making a donation to support the protection of this critical habitat. 

Sanctuary Rules

You are visiting habitat that is critical to birds and wildlife. Please respect the following rules put in place to protect wildlife and provide an enjoyable visitor experience.

  • Review and follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines 
  • Respect all wildlife, and be cautious of venomous snakes, mosquitoes, fire ants, poison ivy, and armadillo burrows.
  • No dogs or other domestic animals allowed
  • Stay on marked trails. Walking only. No bicycles.
  • No littering – leave nature as you found it
  • No collecting or introduction of plants or animals
  • Do not block trails and boardwalks with tripods
  • Chairs and wheeled equipment carts are not allowed. Child strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers are allowed when used as intended by the manufacturer
  • No drones/unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allowed
  • No flash photography
  • Don’t agitate the birds. Bird calls, pishing, playback devices, and laser pointers are not allowed
  • No firearms or hunting permitted
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption
  • Be cautious- boardwalks and trails are slippery when wet and tripping hazards may exist

Visitor Information

Email with any questions.