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Bolivar Naturally


Verbesina virginica

Alternate Names: White crownbeard, Ice plant, Tickweed

Family: (Asteraceae) Sunflower

Habitat: Semishade in woodlands or at water edges.

Height: 3-7 ft.

Bloom Period: August - November

Description: Biennial. The flowers form in small clusters which combine into large flat clusters. Stems are hairy. Leaves are large and lance-shaped. At the first freeze the stems split; as the sap runs out it forms showy, flower-like ribbons of ice.

Propagation Tips: Easy to grow. Spreads via rhizomes to form large colonies.

The Wildlife Connection: Flowers are nectar magnets for butterflies, bees, and other insects. Larval host for silvery checkerspot and bordered patch butterflies.

Frostweed bloom

Winnie Burkett. Photographed on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Frostweed frozen stems

Winnie Burkett. Photo taken at High Island, January, 2010. On January 11, 2010, the Smith Oaks portion of Winnie Street was lined with crystal ribbons of frostweed.