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Blue-eyed Grass

Sisyrinchium angustifolium

Alternate Name: Narrowleaf blue-eyed grass

Family: (Iridaceae) Iris

Habitat: Moist fields and prairies

Height: up to 18"

Bloom Period: March - May

Description: Grasslike perennial. It prefers sun and moist conditions. Tolerates some shade. Blue-eyed grass, like many wildflowers, does better in poor soils that have not been fertilized.

The Wildlife Connection: Many species of birds eat the seeds.

Propagation Tips: Plants reseed on their own. Clumps should be divided at least every 2 years for the best results.

Blue-eyed Grass
Blue-eyed grass close-up of bloom

© Greg Lavaty

Blue-eyed Grass
Blue-eyed Grass

Winnie Burkett