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Black Willow

Black Willow
Black Willow

Karan A. Rawlins, University of Georgia,

Salix nigra

Family: (Salicaceae) Willow

Habitat: Near water, wet locations

Height: 10-60 ft.

Bloom Period: March - April

Description: Black Willow is a fast-growing tree. It is one of the best plants to stabilize banks along levees to prevent erosion.

The Wildlife Connection: Magnet for spring migrants who are attracted to the small insects found among the flowers. Hummingbirds collect the silken threads on willow seeds as nesting material. Larval host for many butterflies and moths, including mourning cloak, viceroy, red-spotted purple, and tiger swallowtail. Extensively used by herons and other birds as a nesting site.

Propagation Tips: Easily grown from seed.