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Wood Duck

Wood Ducks (male & female)
Wood Ducks (male & female)

© Greg Lavaty

Aix sponsa

Family: (Anatidae) Ducks, Geese and Swans

Preferred Habitat: Wooded swamps, creeks and rivers.

Seasonal Occurrence: Uncommon throughout the year. Breeds in our area.

Notes: Wood Ducks are generally regarded as one of our most beautiful birds. Only males in breeding plumage have such brilliant colors. Non-breeding males have more subdued coloring and females are gray-green with a large white tear-drop around the eye. Wood Ducks are classified as perching ducks along with the closely related whistling ducks. They have claws on their feet which enable them to perch in trees. They nest in tree cavities and readily use nest boxes. Homeowners who live close to lakes and ponds are encouraged to put up nesting boxes. Young Wood Ducks leave the nest at a very young age before they can fly and are shepherded to water by their mother. In the 1980's it was common for homeowners close to Edith Moore Nature Sanctuary to find young Wood Ducks in their swimming pools. Wood Ducks are not as common now but they are still occasionally spotted in the sanctuary.
- Susan Billetdeaux