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Western Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper
Western Sandpiper

© Greg Lavaty

Calidris mauri

Family: (Scolopacidae) Sandpipers

Preferred Habitat: Open flats.

Seasonal Occurrence: Common in fall; abundant in spring and winter.

Notes: Western Sandpipers are particularly abundant in December and January when they may number in the thousands. They generally remain until about April when their plumage has acquired the rusty patches of breeding plumage. Western Sandpipers are uncommon in the early summer on Bolivar Flats, but fall migration begins by the first week of July. Adults arrive first, in worn breeding plumage, followed by juveniles in August. Many of these birds stay throughout the winter.
- Notes excerpted from A Birdwalk at Bolivar Flats by Cin-Ty Lee of Rice University