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Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren
Sedge Wren

© Joseph Kennedy

Cistothorus platensis

Family: (Troglodytidae) Wrens

Preferred Habitat: Sedge and grass marshes

Seasonal Occurrence: Uncommon fall through spring.

Song: Dry staccato chatter which ends in a dry trill.

Notes: Sedge Wrens are secretive and difficult to spot in marshes. They are most easily found through their song. Identifying marks: small, short, thin bill, indistinct white eye stripe, very short tail. In comparison with Marsh Wrens, they are more uniformly brown; the back stripes are less distinct, the bill is shorter, and white eye stripe less distinct. Marsh Wrens and Sedge Wrens usually do not occur in the same habitat. Sedge Wren populations appear to be in decline because of the species' dependence on sedge marshes which have been greatly reduced in number.
- Susan Billetdeaux