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Redhead (male)

© Wayne Nicholas

Aythya americana

Family:  (Anatidae) Ducks, Geese and Swans 

Preferred Habitat: Marshes and lagoons, often seen in shallow waters.

Seasonal Occurrence: Uncommon fall through spring. Occasional in summer.

Notes: The Redhead may be found in winter in loose flocks on lakes and marshes. The female lacks the male's distinctive plumage; she is soft brown in color with a dark bill. The male resembles the similarly colored Canvasback, but the Canvasback is larger, has a longer bill and sloping forehead. Redheads feed mainly at night and during the day rest on water. Formerly, large numbers of Redheads could be seen here in winter, but their numbers have been declining in recent years.
- Susan Billetdeaux 

Redhead (female)
Redhead (female)

© David McDonald

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