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Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler (male)
Pine Warbler (male)

© Greg Lavaty

Dendroica pinus

Family: (Parulidae) Wood-Warblers

Profile by Vicki Stittleburg: Pine Warblers are yellowish birds with olive backs, whitish bellies, and two prominent white wingbars on gray wings. They have a faint dark eye line and a broken, faint yellow eye ring. Adult males are the brightest; females and immatures are duller and can appear gray-brown. Pine Warblers feed in pines, sing in pines, and nest in pines. American painter and naturalist Gerald Thayer wrote, "Never was a bird more aptly named than the Pine sticks to pine woods as a cocklebur sticks to a dog’s tail.”

While Pine Warblers primarily eat insects and spiders, they are the only warbler that will consume large quantities of seeds. You may find them visiting your seed and suet feeders. They also supplement their diet with berries and tree sap. Though Pine Warblers are common throughout the year and are permanent residents, they can be difficult to spot as they typically forage near the top of tall pine trees. Males may sing at any time of year. Listen for their melodic trill in areas with mature pine trees. Their song is very similar to both Chipping Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco songs, but tends to be a bit slower and more musical.

Invite Pine Warblers to Your Yard

Pine Warbler (female)
Pine Warbler (female)

© Robert McFarlane

Pine Warblers prefer yards with mature pine trees. They build their nests from pine needles and pieces of pine bark. The nests are hidden among clumps of pine needles or pine cones. Pine Warblers eat primarily insects and spiders. So if you want Pine Warblers, don't use insecticides! They are also the only warbler that regularly eats seeds and also supplement their diet with berries. You may find them at both your seed feeders and suet feeders.