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Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin
Pine Siskin

© David McDonald

Carduelis pinus

Family: (Fringillidae) Finches

Preferred Habitat: Open woodlands

Seasonal Occurrence: Winter

Notes: Ken Kaufmann refers very aptly to Pine Siskins as "goldfinches in camouflage." The same size and shape as goldfinches, Pine Siskins have streaky brown plumage. Note the yellow stripe on the edges of their wings. Pine Siskins are irregularly seen in Houston. Some winters they are very common; other years they are very difficult to find. Their foraging patterns are very similar to goldfinches, and like goldinches they will readily take over a sunflower seed or thistle feeder. Pine Siskins associate in flocks even during the breeding season. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology reports that after a large irruption, some Pine Siskins may remain in their wintering grounds to breed.
- Susan Billetdeaux

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