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Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs
Lesser Yellowlegs

© Wayne Nicholas

Tringa flavipes

Family: (Scolopacidae) Sandpipers and Phalaropes

Preferred Habitat: Shallow marshes and freshwater ponds.

Seasonal Occurrence: Common August through April. Lesser numbers May through July.

Notes: The Lesser Yellowlegs is often seen in loose flocks in the wet areas of west Houston. It resembles the Greater Yellowlegs with whom it is sometimes seen, but the Lesser Yellowlegs is smaller, has a shorter, thinner bill and its call, 2 or 3 soft tu notes, is different. However both the Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs have very similar alarm calls. The Lesser Yellowlegs is more tolerant of observers than the Greater Yellowlegs. In flight, the Lesser Yellowlegs displays a mostly white rump and tail which contrast with its dark wings. The Lesser Yellowlegs does not breed in our area.
- Susan Billetdeaux