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Golden-winged Warbler

Golden-winged Warbler (male)
Golden-winged Warbler (male)

© Alan Murphy

Vermivora chrysoptera

Family: (Parulidae) Wood-Warblers

Preferred Habitat: Recently abandoned farmlands and open woods.

Seasonal Occurrence: Uncommon in spring; occasional in fall.

Notes: The Golden-winged Warbler is most likely to be found in our area in April. It is always scarce in comparison with its more common close relative, the Blue-winged Warbler. These two warblers often hybridize, producing different color variations. They make an interesting case study. Golden-winged Warblers prefer farmlands and benefited from the cutting of forests in the nineteenth century. Now in the northeast where reforestation programs are taking place, it is declining in numbers. However, it appears to be expanding its range in the northwest where it can find more suitable habitat. Female Golden-winged Warblers have gray face masks rather than the male's black. Their crown is a much more muted yellow.
- Susan Billetdeaux