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Ferruginous Hawk

Ferruginous Hawk
Ferruginous Hawk

© Fred Collins. Photo taken in Waller County.

Buteo regalis

Family: (Accipitridae) Hawks and Allies 

Preferred Habitat: Prairies.

Seasonal Occurrence: Rare in winter.

Notes: The Ferruginous Hawk is North America's largest buteo. It is predominantly a western hawk; in our region the Katy Prairie is the best area to look for one. Fred Collins reports that he finds them regularly in Waller County. Sometimes Ferruginous Hawks may be seen sitting on the ground in a field. Their prey is predominantly rabbits and rodents, with a strong preference for prairie dogs. Their numbers have been declining in Texas, and some link that to the disappearance of prairie dogs from many parts in Texas. Ferruginous Hawks used to breed in Texas. The northern panhandle is considered to be the most likely region for possible breeding sites. 
- Susan Billetdeaux

  • Extensive information about the natural history and conservation of Ferruginous Hawks including telemetry data.