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Chipping Sparrow

Chipping Sparrow (adult, breeding plumage)
Chipping Sparrow (adult, breeding plumage)

© David McDonald

Spizella passerina

Family: (Emberizidae) New World Sparrows

Preferred Habitat: Woodlands, fields

Seasonal Occurrence: Abundant November through March

Notes: Chipping Sparrows are named after their song, a rapid series of dry chips all on one pitch. They are one of our tamest native sparrows. Since they are particularly fond of grass seeds, they are likely to be seen within Houston's city limits. Breeding adults have a bright chestnut crown and white eyebrow stripe. Winter plumaged birds have finely streaked crowns, and the eyebrow stripe is duller in color. Note that the breast area is not streaked; this helps to distinguish them from other similarly colored sparrows. However, some juvenile birds retain traces of streaking into winter.
- Susan Billetdeaux

Chipping Sparrow (winter plumage)
Chipping Sparrow (winter plumage)

© Greg Lavaty

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