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Broad-winged Hawk

Broad-winged Hawk
Broad-winged Hawk

© Greg Lavaty

Buteo platypterus

Family: (Accipitridae) Hawks and Allies 

Preferred Habitat: Forests.

Seasonal Occurrence: Common in fall; uncommon in spring.

Profile by Glenn Olsen: The hot, dry days of August keep most people inside where the air conditioning makes life in Texas bearable. But if you are inside, you will miss the amazing fall migration of hawks along the gulf coast. Fall raptor migration is from mid-August to mid-November with prime viewing time from mid-September to mid-October. One of the most numerous hawks counted at the Smith Point Hawk Watch is the Broad-winged Hawk. During prime migration days, numbers usually range from a few to several hundred in a day. Learning to identify this hawk greatly helps with sorting through the other migrating raptors since it is typically the most abundant hawk observed. 

Identifying hawks in flight is based primarily on flight pattern, color pattern, wing and body shape, and relative size. This species is slightly smaller than the Red-shouldered Hawk and in flight appears compact and stubby with comparatively short, broad wings. Typical color pattern of an adult bird in flight consists of dark tipped primaries and dark trailing edge of the wings contrasting with the light color of the remaining wing. The black and white banded tail is distinctive. There is a rare dark morph and immature birds resemble but are not identical to immature Red-shouldered Hawks. Broad-winged Hawks are passing thorough our area as they migrate from their breeding grounds in the northeast and southern Canada. They winter in Central and South America. 

In the early morning hours before thermals encourage hawks to continue moving south, you may find the Broad-winged Hawk perched in a tree of any wooded area, along a creek, or in a park. They hunt primarily from a perch and wait for movement of a rodent, small mammal, reptile, amphibian, or small bird and then swoop down on the prey. During migration you can find Broad-winged Hawks almost any place by looking overheard or by visiting a local park that has woodlands. However, the Smith Point Hawk watch site is a good place to find them in greater numbers as they migrate south. I encourage you to get out and bird in the cooler hours of the day and look for the Broad-winged Hawk and the many other species of raptors that we see in migration.