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Black-necked Stilt

Black-necked Stilt
Black-necked Stilt

© Joanne Kamo

Himantopus mexicanus

Family: (Recurvirostridae) Stilts and Avocets

Preferred Habitat: Shallow marshes and lakes

Seasonal Occurrence: Common spring through fall; uncommon in winter. Breeds in our area.

Notes: Black-necked Stilts are among the easiest birds to identify with their striking black and white plumage and spindly, red legs. Females and juveniles may be distinguished from males by their dark brownish backs. In spring and summer Black-necked Stilts are common at Bolivar Flats, Anahuac NWR and Brazoria NWR. Brazos Bend State Park is a good inland location to look for them. Black-necked Stilts build their nests on the ground, close to water. Sometimes they nest in small colonies. During breeding season, their loud kek, kek, kek calls are a common wetlands sound. Black-necked Stilts feed in shallow water, snapping or swiping with their bills at worms, insects, mollusks, shrimp and small fish.
- Susan Billetdeaux