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Bird Gallery

About the Bird Gallery

The Bird Gallery features birds which can be seen on the Upper Texas Coast. Very rare and accidental species are not included. The pages include photos, profiles, habitat preference, and seasonal occurrence.

Find a bird by typing the name in the box below or by using the Bird Gallery Index. The birds on the index have been grouped into families of similar characteristics.

Online Guides to North American Birds

Many thanks to the photographers who have shared their photos with us and make this gallery possible. They include Helen Baines, Robert Behrstock, Fred Collins, Bill Duke, Barbara Edmondson, Ben Hulsey, Eric Jorgeson, Joanne Kamo, Joseph Kennedy, Mark Kulstad, Greg Lavaty (, Chris Litherland, Steve Matherly, David McDonald, Robert McFarlane, John Miers, Alan Murphy, John R. Nelson, Wayne Nicholas, Joseph Smith, and Wayne Wendel.