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Bird Collision Monitors - Lights Out Texas

Bird Collision Monitors - Lights Out Texas

September – October; April – May

Be part of this vital community science effort to gather essential data aiding in the prevention of bird fatalities caused by building collisions!

Each morning at sunrise, volunteers walk a 2-mile route encompassing 10 downtown buildings, recording data on any birds injured or killed from striking buildings. This project is sponsored by Houston Audubon along with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Texan by Nature, and other community partners.

Bird expertise is not required! Volunteers will be equipped with all the material and training needed for collision monitoring. Training, and all the materials needed to perform the job are provided prior to the start of each migration season.

We always need enthusiastic and meticulous monitors to patrol the routes! Please sign up for our volunteer newsletter to receive alerts and reminders for this opportunity.