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Common Nighthawk

New Entergy Habitat Restoration and Community Outreach Project at Damuth Bird Sanctuary in Liberty County, Texas

Houston Audubon is excited to announce a second environmental partnership project with Entergy Texas. Houston Audubon was awarded an environmental grant from Entergy Texas to restore habitat and provide new community outreach opportunities at Damuth Bird Sanctuary in Liberty County, Texas.

Together with Entergy Texas, Houston Audubon will be able to make significant progress on a master plan for one of its most northern sanctuaries called Damuth Bid Sanctuary (Damuth) by making enhancements in three key areas: habitat restoration, community outreach, and access to nature.

Damuth is a 617-acre sanctuary of mixed pine and hardwood bottomland, coastal prairie, and marsh habitat that bisects Tarkington Bayou in the eastern portion of the San Jacinto River Basin. Houston Audubon’s management goals for Damuth has always been to protect, maintain, and restore a healthy ecosystem that provides ample supplies of food, cover, and habitat for breeding, migrating, and wintering birds, and other native wildlife. And now with Entergy Texas as our environmental partner, that goal can be achieved.

“Entergy Texas is committed to investing in projects that drive sustainability across our region. This project with Houston Audubon will help restore and protect our natural environment in Texas for generations to come,” said Ron Fletcher, customer service manager for Entergy Texas. “Conserving the vibrant natural resources in our region is one of the many ways we power life for our customers and communities.”

Both birds and people will benefit from this project. The ultimate goal is to open this sanctuary daily to the public from sunrise to sunset year-round while providing wildlife viewing opportunities, education on the importance of these ecosystems, and opportunities for recreation, such as hiking and bird-watching. Presently, the trail system at Damuth includes over two miles of trail and 1,600 feet of boardwalk. Free natures walk will be offered during spring and fall migration allowing visitors a chance to enjoy the sanctuary and learn about the diverse flora, fauna, and bird species found within the sanctuary. Approximately 100 species of birds have been observed in the sanctuary, and recently a rare plant species called the Purple Floating Bladderwort was discovered through a biodiversity study.

Houston Audubon owns and manages over 4,000 acres across 17 sanctuaries in Houston, the surrounding counties, and the Upper Texas Coast. Damuth is one of our sanctuaries that provides a destination for the growing interest in outdoor recreation within an hour of downtown Houston and for the city of Cleveland. Habitat restoration begins in spring 2022.