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Flood Damage at Edith Moore

Here at the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary the floodwaters of Imelda caused a great deal of erosion along Rummel Creek. This sadly resulted in a beautiful American sycamore tree falling down, and taking our neighbor’s stand of giant bamboo with it. Because of the slope and the difficulty in accessing the creek, removing the tree and the downed bamboo posed a huge challenge and potential problem for our staff and volunteers.

Sanctuary Manager Lauren Miheli reached out to Harris County Flood Control District using their online Service Request Center, and they quickly responded by sending out a staff member to investigate. He visited the sanctuary to assess the situation and is dispatching a crew to remove the potential blockage from the waterway and drainage network.

The photo is taken from the Audubon side of the creek, and is hard to make out due to all the foliage. The downed stand of bamboo is in the very center of the image.
Visitors to the sanctuary should be aware that the crew will be on site over the next few days removing the downed plants, bringing with them machinery and causing some additional noise.

If you have a concern about a potential blockage along a waterway in your neighborhood, you can reach out to Harris County Flood Control District for their assistance.