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Common Nighthawk

Birdathon 2019 Photo Contest

There were 8 submissions for the photo contest by the following photographers.

Anhinga - Lee Kobs
Brown Thrasher - Laurel Ladwig
Great Blue Heron Landing - Christina Neveu
Magnolia Warbler - Steve Astrich
Neotropic Cormorant - Lee Kobs
Prothonotary Warbler - Dana Borham
Reddish Egret - Marissa Astrich
White-eyed Vireo - Dana Borham

The first place winner was Magnolia Warbler - Steve Astrich.

Prothonotary Warbler - Dana Borham

Second place was Prothonotary Warbler - Dana Borham.

White-eyed Vireo

Third place was White-eyed Vireo - Dana Borham.

See larger versions of all the photos in the gallery.