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Common Nighthawk

Bird Survey Workshop Shares Best Practices

A lot has happened in the past year with bird surveys in the Houston area. There are three new surveys and increasing emphasis on citizen science.

Sarah Flournoy, Bird-Friendly Communities Program Manager, and Anna Vallery, Conservation Specialist, conducted a workshop on Saturday, September 29, 2018, to share news and best practices among the group of local survey leaders. Topics included the eBird database where sightings are entered, and a roundtable where survey leaders exchanged ideas on what works best.

Additional topics covered the Chimney Swift Monitoring program and the Red-vented Bulbul Survey. Efforts are already underway to begin collecting schedules and places for the Christmas Bird Counts. Houston Audubon provides a unique and highly-valued service by publishing a listing of all CBCs in the entire state of Texas.

Bird Survey Workshop