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Common Nighthawk

Remembering Bruce McCandless

Bruce McCandless II, former NASA astronaut and Houston Audubon board member, died on Thursday, December 21, 2017. The articles below cover Bruce's career in the space arena. His contributions to bird conservation in the Upper Texas Coast start with his long tenure on our Board of Directors. He was an At Large Director in 1973-4, Vice President in 1974-5, President in 1975-6, Vice President again in 1976-7, President again in 1977-9. This was during the time that the Edith L. Moore property was willed to Houston Audubon. Bruce was instrumental in working along with former President Ken Burns to settle the back taxes and obtain a tax exemption for the property. We have been benefiting from that work ever since.

Unfortunately this was before The Naturalist published photos, and I could not find any photos in our archives of Bruce in birding attire.

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