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Common Nighthawk

Super Bird 52

It is that time of year again and we are making plans for Super Bird 52! on February 3, 2018, the day before the Super Bowl. The Gridiron Goatsuckers are ready for another chance to beat the Superb Owls!!

Join us at Archbishop Fiorenza Park Phase 2 as the Superb Owls, led by Richard Gibbons, face off against the Gridiron Goatsuckers, led by Mary Anne Weber. Participants may pick either team to bird with. For more information, contact Mary Anne at
Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018
Time: 10 AM - Noon

Here is a recap from last year. It was a great day for the big game and a hearty crowd was ready for Super Bird 51. The Gridiron Goatsuckers got off to an early lead with waxwings and cormorants abounding on the field of play. In the end, the Superb Owls pulled out the win with a commanding 54 species and 20 minutes left to play. The Goatsuckers rallied and spotted a Belted Kingfisher and grackle to reach 51 species before the whistle blew. Congrats to the Superb Owls! The Goatsuckers will patiently wait for Super Bird 52 to get some revenge!

Use this link to download the poster.

Super Bird 52