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Common Nighthawk

Herpetology Study at Edith Moore

The Audubon Docent Guild has funded a Herpetology research study of the Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary. Dillon Jones, star herpetology student at the Texas A&M Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Department, will be leading the monitoring efforts of our amphibians and reptiles here this year.

Dillon's Bio: I am a Senior Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences major with a minor in Psychology at Texas A&M University. I have worked on a variety of research projects including snake parasitology in Panama, finding the overlap between human music and animal communication, and acoustic monitoring of the endangered Houston Toad. A fair amount of my free time is dedicated to wildlife education and giving back to my community. I believe that there is a growing disconnect between the natural and the human world and I hope to bridge that gap. After my undergraduate career, I plan to pursue a Ph.D in herpetology.

Dillon Jones