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Texas Water Matters

Texas Water Matters is an outstanding resource on all things related to water planning in Texas. The site is full of current information on all water planning processes. Recently the project added new features to their website illustrating the "interconnectivity" of surface and ground water supplies.

Texas - The State of Flowing Water

The informative film "Texas – The State of Flowing Water" was presented February 12 on KUHT and other public television stations in Texas. It portrays the great beauty of Texas rivers and the challenges we face in protecting them and their critically important flows. Produced by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW), it depicts the many varied demands and requirements that burden Texas rivers. Our estuaries and bays require fresh water for recreational and commercial fishing; urban areas require water for growing populations; and natural areas with untamed scenic rivers where beauty and wild life yet survive must be protected.

Stakeholders from these and other interests speak of their competing needs for this water. Some solutions are being discussed; others are being litigated. Some changes are coming; some are being implemented.

If you missed the initial showing, you can view the show online at the Texas - the State of Flowing Water website. There are now videos of the eight parts of this series. It's our water, and our future!