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Galveston Bay Coastal Spine

Template for an Email Comment

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Subject: Coastal Study-Comment on DIFR-EIS
To: USACE, Galveston District
Attn: Mrs. Jennifer Morgan, Environmental Compliance Branch, Regional Planning and Environmental Center
Thank you for the opportunity to share my comment on the Coastal Texas Study DIFR-EIS.

I am concerned about loss of bird habitat due to placement of structures.

I am concerned about long-term ecological impact including those associated with habitat loss and degradation and restricted bay flows that has not been fully assessed in study.

I am concerned about the lack of a clear location of the barrier and the inability to comment on a fully formed plan.

I believe that birds are an essential part of the Gulf Coast , and irreparable damage to their habitat is unacceptable.
Houston Audubon sanctuaries are significant properties on the Upper Texas Coast. The fact that the sanctuaries are not listed as protected properties on the Study indicates a lack of a truly thorough study of the area.

I am concerned about the disruption the proposed barrier will have on natural coastal processes and subsequently the resilience of coastal habitat and adaptability of wildlife.

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