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Baryonyx Wind Farm

Potential Disaster for Millions of Birds

Baryonyx Corporation has submitted a permit application to the Army Corp of Engineers to build a 500 turbine farm off the Lower Texas Coast. This project has the potential to impact many millions of birds that migrate through the area and that feed in the area year round.

We feel it is critical that this project be very thoroughly examined and an Environmental Impact Statement prepared. We know birds are impacted by wind turbines, and once wind farms are built they are not taken down even if they are killing significant numbers of birds. We also feel that the comment period needs to be extended by 60 days and that at least 2 public hearings be held.

If you are concerned about the impact this project could have, please send a letter as soon as possible to the Corp of Engineers, letting them know about your concerns. Your letter should be addressed to:

Mr. Jayson M. Hudson
Regulatory Branch, CESWG-PE-RE U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
P. O. Box 1229
Galveston, Texas 77553-1229