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Flock Together Photo Contest

Birds of a feather...Bringing nature lovers, birders, & photographers together for the first ever Houston Audubon photo contest.

We're pleased to announce the winners of the first ever Flock Together Photo Contest during Houston Bird Week, coordinated by Houston Audubon's 2021 Young Professionals Advisory Council!

People's Choice Award - Gokul Natarajan

Bird Fails and Funnies - Brenda Lightfoot

Bird Friendly Communities - Denny Fahey

Bird of Houston - Kathy Sparks

Birds in Flight - Liang Sun

Birds of All Feathers - Kai Chase 

Small in Frame - Karl Hoeffner

Meet the Judges

Judging will be based on content, creativity, uniqueness, and overall impression within its submitted category. All entries are eligible for the People’s Choice Award and will automatically be entered.


Houston Audubon seeks photos that best illustrate the following categories: Bird-Friendly Communities, Small-in-Frame, Bird of Houston, Bird Fails and Funnies, Birds in Flight, and Birds of All Feathers

Each participant may enter into the contest no more than two (2) photographs total and no more than one photograph per category. 

Bird-Friendly Communities

Photographs of bird-friendly communities, such as but not limited to backyards, parks, patios/porches, urban gardens, as well as bird-friendly plants and bird-friendly people. Essentially, any photograph that depicts a bird-friendly space is eligible!


Photographs in which the bird merely occupies approximately 10% or less of the frame. ** Percentage will be at discretion of the judges in the spirit of the category. **

Bird of Houston

Any photograph prominently featuring the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron--the official Bird of Houston--is eligible for this category.


For those looking for a challenge, any artistically composed photograph of a bird in flight is eligible.

Bird Fails and Funnies

Send in your best good-natured ‘fails,’ either your subject’s fails or your own fails as a photographer.

Birds of All Feathers

All wild and free birds welcome (refer to rules). 

People’s Choice Award  

The People’s Choice Award is a separate award for submissions in any category that is selected by popular vote online! The window for voting on the PCA will take place during Bird Week beginning on Saturday, September 18 through Friday, September 24 by 11:00 PM Central Daylight Time.