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Houston Bird Week

Flock Together Photo Contest

Birds of a feather...Bringing nature lovers, birders, & photographers together for the 3rd annual Houston Audubon photo contest.

Houston Audubon's Flock Together Photo Contest was started in 2020 by our Young Professionals Advisory Council. Photographers of all skill levels are invited to participate!


Houston Audubon seeks photos that best illustrate the following categories. Each participant may enter into the contest no more than two (2) photographs total and no more than one photograph per category. 

Houston Audubon Sanctuary Spotlight

You might already know that Houston Audubon proudly manages 17 sanctuaries in the region, all of which support a diversity of bird species in a variety of habitats. We invite you to bring your camera to one of our public sanctuaries and then submit to our judges your favorite shot! Any bird photographed in one of our sanctuaries is eligible for this category. Click here for a list of our sanctuaries.


If you have ever visited the Houston Audubon Raptor Center, then you know that raptors are an important part of our mission. We ask participants to send in their best photographs of raptors: raptors soaring, raptors feeding, raptors hunting or perched, raptors migrating. Any photograph of a raptor capture in Texas is eligible. We hope you’ll seize the opportunity to impress our judges!

Not Just a...

If someone’s ever told you, “Oh, that’s just a blue jay” or “That’s just a cardinal” or “That’s just a grackle; they’re everywhere”, Houston Audubon is challenging the community to make the common beautiful — and asking participants to find the beauty in every bird, especially those often taken for granted. The following birds are eligible in this category: grackles, blue jays, mockingbirds, doves, robins, cardinals, house finches, carolina chickadees, carolina wrens, and ruby-throated hummingbirds

Small in Frame

This category challenges participants to capture the diverse landscapes and vital habitats upon which birds rely to survive, as part of Houston Audubon’s Bird-Friendly Communities initiative. Creativity and storytelling are emphasized by showcasing the bird(s) in their larger environment. Bird(s) must only occupy approximately 10% or less of the frame. ** Percentage will be at discretion of the judges in the spirit of the category. **

Birds of All Feathers

This category is for those who don’t need a label! All wild and free birds found in Texas are welcome (refer to rules).

People’s Choice Award  

The People’s Choice Award is a separate award for submissions in any category that is selected by popular vote online!