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Purple Martin Watch Parties Volunteering

Purple Martin Watch Parties Volunteering

From July to September, Houston's Purple Martins spend most of the day feeding on flying insects to build energy for their long journey across the Gulf of Mexico. At dusk, they form large flocks and roost together in preparation for migration. For the dates above, Houston Audubon, along with CenterPoint Energy, will be presenting Purple Martin Watch Parties in open areas near these roosts to witness the spectacle! We need volunteers to join us at these parties to visit with guests and pass out information about purple martins and powerline safety.

Current roost location: 17395 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77064. Meet in the parking lot on the south corner of Gessner and Highway 249

Volunteer Dates:

August 13, 

August 21

September 4

September 18

September 24

To register, click this link:

For more information on volunteering, email