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Bird Collision Monitors

Bird Collision Monitors

Downtown Houston

September and October 2021

Early mornings

Collision monitors are citizen scientists. They share their enthusiasm for conservation by volunteering to collect data on bird collisions in downtown Houston. In a recent peer-reviewed study, Houston ranked #2 among US cities in exposing night migrating birds to the hazards of light pollution, trailing only Chicago at #1. Most migratory birds fly at night, and building lights attract and disorient these migrants, causing collisions or exhausting them and leaving them vulnerable to ground threats. Houston Audubon is partnering with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Texan By Nature and other conservation organizations in Texas to create bird collision monitoring programs, in order to collect data that will be used to better understand the problem and work towards long-term systemic solutions.

Collision monitoring will take place in the early mornings from September 1st - October 31st. Monitors will work in teams of 2-3, patrolling predetermined routes downtown, looking for birds that have been injured or killed by striking buildings and recording data.

Volunteers will receive a detailed training on collision monitoring and data collection, as well as what to do with injured or killed birds that are found in the course of monitoring. All the tools and materials needed to perform the job will be provided, but we need enthusiastic and meticulous monitors to patrol the routes daily.

If you are interested in volunteering on this exciting project, please emailĀ volunteer@houstonaudubon.orgĀ for more details.