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Application Form for an Individual

Contact Information
Are you currently a Houston Audubon member?

Positions you are interested in (mark all that apply)

Volunteer Experience and Availability
Days you are available for volunteer work
Times you are available for volunteer work
How often are you available to volunteer?
Are you interested in volunteering to meet a community service requirement for school, court, etc.?
Please note: No verification of service will be given if this information is not provided in advance.

Your Education and Work Experience
Currently a student?
Presently Employed?
If Presently Employed?
First Aid Training/CPR Certification
Valid First Aid/CPR Certificate

Emergency Contact Information

Volunteer Release Statement

All volunteers will be asked to sign the following statement before beginning to volunteer.
Volunteers under the age of 18 must also have the signature of a parent or guardian.

As a condition of my participation in the Houston Audubon Volunteer Program, I hereby release the Houston Audubon Society and its agents, associates, and related parties from all responsibility for personal injuries to me and damages to my property sustained in the performance of my volunteer activities. The Houston Audubon Society does not provide any medical, health or accident insurance for its volunteers. I understand that a criminal background check will be conducted by Houston Audubon Society as standard procedure.