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Birdathon 2019

Fundraising Events

Birdathon 2019 by the Numbers

  • $42,752 raised
  • 34 teams registered
  • 93 participants registered, including 44 new to Birdathon
  • 97 elementary school participants, including 32 first-time birders
  • 237 cumulative species identified
  • 7 award categories
  • 6 corporate sponsors
  • 7 prize donors
  • 2 parties: Kickoff Workshop and Awards Celebration

We marked the end of Birdathon 2019 with an awards celebration in appreciation of the fantastic teams that birded for our cause and helped us raise $42,752 in the process!

Our big success of the year was that we were able to engage more participants than ever before!  Of the 93 registered, 44 were new to Birdathon. And we can’t forget about the kiddos – The Branch School had 97 students participate, of which 32 were first-time birders (or, as we like to call them, baby birders). The afternoon kicked off with tacos from Tacos a Go Go and a delicious ice cream bar by Amy’s Ice Creams. Surprise guest RC the rooster, from our education team, was eggcited to entertain people before we moved on to the awards.

The winners of the Whittington Award for Most Funds Raised were returning champs, High Island Crew, with a whopping $5,834. The Oberholser Award for Most Species Identified went to first-year team Feather Struck, with an impressive 172 species identified within 24 hours. The Rookies of the Year were first-year team Bad Birders of Houston, who also took home the prize for the Best Story. Keep scrolling to find out the rest of the winners, the Top 10 leaderboards, and to view photos from the event.

Birdathon 2019 was a huge success due to our invested participants, generous donors and sponsors, and our hard-working staff and Birdathon Committee members. Thank you to all for caring and helping us create a better world for birds, together. We hope you’ll join us for Birdathon 2020!

Award Winners

Award Winner
Oberholser/Most Species Identified Feather Struck with 172 species
Whittington/Most Funds Raised High Island Crew with $5,734
Rookie of the Year Bad Birders of Houston are a first-year team that raised $4,529 and identified 155 species
Raven Award for most corvids High Island Crew with 31 corvids
Best Story Bad Birders of Houston
Best Team Name No Egrets
Best Photo Steve Astrich (Magnolia Warbler invading my personal space)

Birdathon Committee

Becky Smith, Judith Schott, Pam Smolen, Jonni Almoney, Zineera Seth. Cindy Bartos not pictured.

High Island Crew team
High Island Crew team

Barbara Tilton, Joanna Friesen, Julia Garrett

Rookie of the Year award
Rookie of the Year award

Bad Birders of Houston team: Chris Hammond & Stuart Nelson

Best Photo award
Best Photo award

Zineera Seth presenting award to Steve Astrich for his photo entitled "Magnolia Warbler invading my personal space"

Storytelling competition

Sam Smith, Julia Garrett

First-time birders
First-time birders standing for recognition

Top 10 Leaderboard – Most Species

Place Team Name Team Captain Species
1 Feather Struck Andrew Hamlett 172
2 Noddy Roadrunners Lee Kobs 167
3 Running with Scissor-tails Pete Deichmann 166
4 Chasing GREGs Greg Whittaker 163
5 Bad Birders of Houston Stuart Nelson 155
6 High Island Crew Winnie Burkett 147
7 Wingin' It! Zineera Seth 145
8 Muddy Buddies Winnie Burkett 134
9 Nighthawks At The Diner John Bartos 129
10 Swift Chicks Pam Smolen 122

Top 10 Leaderboard – Most Funds Raised

Place Team Name Team Captain Funds Raised
1 High Island Crew Winnie Burkett $5,834
2 Bad Birders of Houston Stuart Nelson $4,529
3 Swift creepers Skip Almoney $2,450
4 Muddy Buddies Winnie Burkett $1,860
5 Chasing GREGs Greg Whittaker $1,830
6 Melodious Meadowlarks Jim Winn $1,600
7 Hermann's Herons Jim Winn $1,501
8 Swift Chicks Pam Smolen $1,375
9 Hawkward Fledglings Dana Borham $1,180
10 Nighthawks At The Diner John Bartos $1,035



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