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Bolivar Naturally


Powderpuff with Texas frog-fruit in the foreground

Winnie Burkett. Photographed on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Mimosa strigillosa

Alternate Name: Sunshine mimosa

Family: (Fabaceae) Pea

Habitat: Prairies and woodland edges

Height: Ground cover

Bloom Period: April - November

Description: Perennial base with annual red stems. Stems can grow to be 6 ft. long, forming dense tangled mats. Flowers are tiny but very striking. The yellow pollen on the tips of stamens gives the plant its common name. Compound, mimosa-like leaves. If leaves are touched, they fold up almost immediately. Drought tolerant.

Propagation Tips: Readily self seeds. Grows best in full sun.

The Wildlife Connection: Very attractive to bees and butterflies. Larval food source for the little sulphur butterfly.