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Frequently Asked Questions for Camps at Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary


  • How can I be sure to get the camps I want?

    Register as early as possible. You will receive a registration confirmation when we receive your completed form and payment through our online registration system. You can also register in person at our offices. Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Our camp sessions typically sell out by early May.

  • How can I find out which camps are available?

    Check the camp listings at We will show the registration status of each camp on our website as follows: open, almost full, or sold out. You may also contact the Camp Director, Bethany Foshee, at

  • Can I register my child for more than one camp session?

    Yes. However, our Nature Explorers 1-5 sessions are nearly identical each week. So we recommend you register for our theme camp sessions in addition to one Nature Explorers session.

  • How do I make sure my child and their buddy/sibling get in the same camp class?

    Register as early as possible. On your child's form, list their “buddy.” We will ensure your child is placed in the same group as their buddy, provided they are within the same age grouping. (The age groups are typically 5-6yrs, 6-7yrs, and 8-10yrs, with some flexibility depending on registration demographics.)

  • Why do you only offer half-day camps?

    We are not a licensed day care and therefore only offer science and outdoor focused camps for children. We operate our camps under a day care exemption issued by the state DFPS department. In our experience, three hours is an appropriate time length for active, hands-on, outdoor camps. We also have limited facilities and therefore cannot offer lunch programs, before/after care, etc.

  • Do you accept children with special needs in your camps?

    Absolutely. All children deserve a chance to learn about the wonders of nature and the world around us. However, we maintain the requirements that 1) your child be able to attend camp without your supervision, and 2) be able to follow camp rules in a class setting that encourages socialization and independence. Lastly, your child should be able to respect the inherent risk of learning in an outdoor setting without the tangible barriers of four walls. Contact Camp Director, Bethany Foshee (, to discuss your child's attendance further: 713-464-4900.

  • What is your refund/transfer policy?

    We have strict policies in order to respect families on the wait list and to maintain the integrity of our camps. You must notify the Camp Director of cancellation (email/in writing) no later than 10 days prior to the camp to receive a 50% refund. We do not offer 100% refunds unless there are serious extenuating circumstances(case by case basis). We do not allow session switches. You must fill out the wait list or register for your alternate camp week and submit request for 50% refund if you want to ‘switch’ weeks. We also do not allow you to sub in other children for your child. We The Audubon Docent Guild reserves the right to cancel any program due to minimum enrollment, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, in which case a full refund will be issued. Cancellations are official upon receipt of confirmation from the Audubon Docent Guild.

  • What is your medical release and authorization language?

    This is the Medical Release/Authorization you signed on your child’s camp registration: “The Houston Audubon Society and the Audubon Docent Guild have my authorization to obtain necessary medical treatment in the case of illness, accident or any emergency situation that may arise and neither I nor the indicated emergency contact is able to be reached at the time of the emergency. I agree that in no event will the Houston Audubon Society or the Audubon Docent Guild be held liable for any injuries, accidents or losses suffered by my child/participant while participating in any supervised camp programs and that the Houston Audubon Society and Audubon Docent Guild are hereby released from liability.”

Getting to Camp

  • Park in the Memorial Methodist Church lot at 12955 Memorial (map) each day, and walk your child to/from their camp teacher at the nature sanctuary entrance on the west side of the church lot (across from church playground).

  • How should my child dress for camp?

    In comfortable clothes, suitable for the outdoors and for getting messy. For safety, we require closed-toe shoes. Campers should also be sprayed with insect repellant before you arrive at camp if they are sensitive to insect bites. (We also have insect repellant available at camp if needed.) Raincoats should be worn on rainy days. (Umbrellas are not allowed.)

Camp Day

  • Where does camp take place?

    Camp classes meet at the Edith L Moore Cabin each day. Art projects and science activities take place on the cabin porches. Nature hikes, ecology games, and pond dip-netting take place on the sanctuary grounds. This is an active camp: 90% of the camp day is spent outdoors.

  • What do campers do on a typical camp day?

    Our 5-10 year-old camps begin each morning inside the cabin for our morning lesson based on that day's theme. After our morning lesson all together, camp classes split up for craft time and science activities. We meet live animals each day of camp, make 1-2 crafts, and play one outdoor game. After our snack, we go on a nature hike and/or dip-net at the pond for aquatic animals. The camps are engaged and active, and time will fly by very quickly each day.

  • Our Camp Teachers all have BS or MS degrees and years of experience in environmental education. Our camp teachers include a school nurse, certified teachers, and professional naturalists. They all have years of experience developing and leading outdoor, hands-on, engaging science and art activities.

    Our Junior Counselors (JCs) are middle and high school students who submit competitive applications for the opportunity to volunteer at our summer camp program. Junior Counselors with several years of experience and strong recommendations based on previous camp years are promoted to paid Senior Counselor status, and these Senior Counselors act as mentors for the younger JCs. Many of our JCs are former campers. Your child may apply to become a JC at 13 years-old.

  • How are campers supervised?

    Campers are supervised at all times and are escorted on restroom breaks by their Camp Teacher or a Junior Counselor. For your child's safety, all campers must be escorted to and from their camp teacher by a parent/guardian each day, and must be checked-in and signed-out every day. You should verify your emergency contact information on the Monday morning check-in board for your camp session when you arrive.

  • May parents stay at camp?

    No. Parents are not allowed to remain with their children during camp. If you feel that your child is unable to remain at camp without you, it may be best to wait a year before you send him/her to camp.

  • What are the behavior expectations for campers?

    Camp Rules are introduced by the camp teachers on Monday morning and are emphasized throughout the week. In the event of a serious behavior problem, we will call you to pick up your child. At our discretion, your child may be allowed to return to camp the following day.

  • Whom can I contact during the day if I need to leave an emergency message concerning my child?

    Please call the Houston Audubon Office at 713-932-1639 and a staff member will deliver your message to the camp director, Bethany Foshee.