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Camp Testimonials

Testimonials for 2018 Summer Camps

My 4 boys have loved Nature Camp and Pond Camp the last 3 summers. They already want to go back next year.

My kids love it! And look forward to it every year!

It is the first outdoor and science camp my son has joined and he loves it absolutely.

We love the Nature Center and all they have to offer. The kids have some freedom to play but also have structure. They learn so much and have so much fun!

Our son and daughter both love nature camp at ELM more than any other camp they've attended through the years. They have come to feel so at home tromping through the woods, and I love how the camp lets kids be kids - playing outside, getting dirty, picking up bugs and lizards, and catching tadpoles. The adult teachers are incredibly well-qualified, and the junior counselors are a motivated group of kids who loved nature camp so much they came back as counselors. This camp is the best!

The camps offer the perfect blend of playing doors, learning, and crafts. My son had a blast!

My daughter loved this camp. She learned so much about the outdoors.

We love having this wonderful camp that’s right in our own “backyard”. The instructors are fun and professional- their love of nature is contagious!

This is our favorite camp every summer! I ask my kids the one camp they would hate to miss out on when planning our summer activities. Nature camp is the top choice! All of the staff does a wonderful job. My “city kids” get out in nature and learn so much. Thank you!

Nature Camp is a fantastic way for my kids to enjoy time outside, learn about their environment and have a great time doing activities and crafts. There is something for every age and stage!

My 6yr-old son was part of the Nature Explorers Camp and had an awesome week, he didn't want it to end. The teachers and staff are very friendly and the hands-on activities they did were great to bring children closer to nature.

Our kids loved Nature Explorers Camps. They had a blast and I loved that they were learning and having fun in the great outdoors.

My son has speech and motor delays - before the first camp we did, I contacted the staff and was reassured. He is now on his 3rd week of camp and loves it! I'm so glad that he can have the type of playing-in-the-woods summers that I remember from my childhood with science and crafts built in!

What more can you ask for, a beautiful nature setup, friends and fun

I think this is one of the best summer activity camps in the city. I love the way they blend science and nature awareness with really fun crafts and activities. The location is very convenient for us, but I would drive farther for this camp.

The Nature Explorers camp is a wonderful way for children to be fully immersed in learning about earth science. My daughter loved being outdoors with her new friends.

My girls thoroughly enjoyed Nature Explorers Camp. They were so excited to bring home their terrariums, plant seedlings, and arts and crafts. The camp also made the girls want to visit the Edith Moore Bird Sanctuary to explore on our own. Also, the instructors / counselors are fantastic. And, the program is very organized with excellent communication.

My child said it was the best camp! He’s 6 and he wants to attend nature camp every week of the summer!