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Programs Overview

Houston Audubon’s education platform fosters awareness and appreciation of birds and wildlife and their supporting habitats. It also seeks to get people outdoors and in nature.

Programs are designed to move participants through a continuum of awareness, appreciation and action. Our goal is to inspire stewardship in daily living and engagement in conservation action through this continuum. Combining adventure programs with environmental education and recreational activities, a series of programs for children, adults, families, teachers, students, homeowners, professionals and elected officials are offered to help build a larger constituency of leaders, volunteers, and community stewards for conservation.

Houston Audubon provides exemplary environmental education programs that instruct on the critical needs of native birds and wildlife. The programs offer unique educational experiences that foster a love of birds. All in all Houston Audubon gave 874 presentations or field experiences over the last year. Audience participation was over 36,000.