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We are excited to announce that our annual gala will benefit Houston Audubon’s Bird-Friendly Communities program. This program aims to transform the greater Houston area into a thriving community that supports birds, butterflies and other pollinators while providing more accessible opportunities for people to experience the wonder and joy of birds.

Valet and garage parking available.

Skywalk located on third floor of garage. 

For more information, contact Zineera Seth, Development Events Manager, at (713) 932-1639 x 106 or



*Sponsor recognition ($2,500+): listing on event webpage, event program, Naturalist and e-newsletter.

 Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Estimated fair market value is $135 per person.



Kathy and Clive Runnells



Claire Caudill

Doris Durbin Heard

Janeen Judah





The Garden Club of Houston


Don Verser

The Garden Club of Houston has played a key role in restoring, improving and protecting the environment through education, financial support and hands-on activities since 1924. The Club’s dedicated members spend countless hours cultivating native plants, removing invasive plant species, planting native trees and creating traveling conservation exhibits. Generous GCH grants over the years have funded many conservation efforts, including scholarships, schoolyard habitat gardens, community vegetable gardens and educational brochures. We greatly appreciate The Garden Club of Houston and all that its members have done over the past 94 years for birds, bugs, plants and people.


Don Verser is a prairie conservationist who has devoted countless hours working on habitat restoration in High Island since 2006. Don’s Drip at Smith Oaks Bird Sanctuary was named for him in appreciation of his hard work and pioneer spirit. Don discovered Deer Park Prairie and was instrumental in saving it. In addition, his pocket prairies throughout Houston highlight the interdependence between native plants, birds and insects. We celebrate Don for his accomplishments which serve as a blueprint for others to follow.


Elizabeth Winston Jones




Great Egret

Kathrine G. McGovern


Maximilian Sunflower

Kathy and Clive Runnells

Louisa Stude Sarofim


Monarch  Butterfly

Alisa O'Leary


Clare Glassell


Texas Coneflower

Caroline Callery

Avon S. Duson & Katherine and Frank C. Smith, Jr.

Flournoy Family

Friends of The Garden Club of Houston

Mary Gwen and Ben Hulsey

Beth Robertson


Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Blaine Adams and Patrick Falcon

Cindy and John Bartos & Becky and Sam Smith

Annie Benzon

Sara and Mark Bettencourt

Judy Boyce

Claire and John Caudill

Fred and Kassie Collins

Crawford Doherty Capital Management

Cherry and Nigel Curlet

Rebecque Demark

Cullen K. Geiselman

Gene Graham

Mary Grace and Dennis Hamill

Doris and John Heard

Marcie and Chris Hysinger

Louise Jamail

Jessica Jubin

Tonya and Jeff Judah

Ann and Tom Kelsey

Wendy and Mavis Kelsey

Eric and Isabelle Mayer

Fan and Peter Morris

Carol and Dan Price

The Swift Count Group

Anna and Tim White

Ann Wier Jones

Betsy and Jim Winn & Martha and Dick Wright

Paula and Bob Wynhoff



Bird photos by Greg Lavaty