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North American Rare Bird Alert


NARBA has long stood as the best source for timely, curated updates on rare birds. Big Year birders rely on it for timely updates on species that might only appear once during a calendar year while other birders use it to fill out their ABA lists or learn about rare birds that show up nearby. Our goal is to continually improve the service and provide more detailed information about the birds you are most interested in.

NARBA is a collaboration between Houston Audubon and BirdsEye Birding. Houston Audubon local members receive a 5% discount for new subscriptions and renewals to NARBA. To receive the discount, use the coupon code, HAMEMBER. Houston Audubon gets a 5%  percentage for Houston Audubon members who sign up, for non-members the percentage is 1%.

If you have any questions about NARBA or your subscription, please contact Drew Weber, NARBA Project Manager at

Texas Rare Bird Alert

The Texas Rare Bird Alert is a free report service provided by Houston Audubon and posted on the NARBA website. Houston Audubon has sponsored the TX RBA since its inception in 1989.

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