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Christmas Bird Counts

About Christmas Bird Counts

Background Information

Organized by the National Audubon Society, this all-volunteer effort takes a snapshot of bird populations to monitor their status and distribution across the Western Hemisphere. The results are compiled into a database that is shared with federal, state, and private authorities. Past data can be viewed at the Audubon's website. Counts are open to birders of all skill levels. Novices are placed in groups with more experienced birders. New to CBCs? Join us in the fun! Discover new areas to bird which may not be normally accessible and take advantage of this great opportunity to bird with some of our foremost birding experts. Be part of a long-standing holiday program that ultimately helps protect our extraordinary birds!

There is NO FEE to participate in Christmas Bird Counts! The annual CBC report is an online publication and National Audubon relies on donations for funding.

For First Time Participants

If this is your first time to participate in a Christmas Bird Count, please refer to the Tips & Techniques page to read the basics.